Photo by the talented Myan Soffia

I live in Brisbane, Australia. Near the gold cost and sunshine coast, amazing beaches left, right and center (we even have an artificial nice little beach in town!). But there is something special about southern California.

Once I drove from LA to San Diego and it is the light, the light between those rolling grass hills and over the ocean, towards the horizon. I have never seen that kind of light anywhere else. The place is sucking you in, it is not just Hollywood glamour, it is something ancient. Driving along Mulholland drive at sunset. The bohemian eternal summer down in Santa Monica. The wind in the palm trees of Huntington Beach.

I didn’t like LA, but yet I got Californicated.

2 thoughts on “Californication

  1. Love southern CA, too. Laguna Beach, Malibu, Beverly Hills… We were married in Montecito, which is in the hills over Santa Barbara. It’s near to my heart! So thrilled you were able to visit! Come back! It’s 6 hrs or a quick flight for me to get there! 🙂

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