Kashgar ring

Kashgar ring, made by me
I dream of one day going to Kashgar, hopefully with my family. I made this ring inspired by photos I have seen of the old town in Kashgar; beautiful, unique, colourful, threatened by demolition, but very much alive.

How did I make it? I made the ring from fine silver metal clay (PMC3), using a stenciling technique according to Kelly Russell’s instructions in the book PMC Technic (edited by Tim McCreight). I gave it a vibrant Liver of Sulphur-patina and set a large iridescent freshwater pearl in the centre.

Who did I make it for? My mum, for Christmas.


Kashgar image sources: MichelCaster.com, ibtimes.com, tripadvisor.com.

10 thoughts on “Kashgar ring

    1. Dear Mermaid, yes, it is a real freshwater pearl that has been coloured a deep green. The silver is coloured because it is treated with something called Liver of Sulphur, a type of patina, which makes it shimmer in all these colours. Thank you for your interest!

    1. This one is a one off, for my mum; I have only just started experimenting with this stenciling style but as soon as I have built up some stock in this style, I will offer it for sale in my shop (www.etsy.com/jennyekberg). Thank you!

    1. Hi Katerina, It is in western China but the indigenous people who live there are Uyghurs, a Turkic people. The old town is built in a very old islamic style and the movie “The kite runner” was actually filmed there because of the fighting in Kabul. I really dream of going there, I am absolutely fascinated with Kashgar and Uyghur culture. Thank you for commenting! xx

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