Fresh off the bench: amethyst cluster dream catcher necklace


By Jenny Ekberg

Just finished this necklace after tweaking, re-shaping and re-patinating for the millionth time; my version of the obligatory dream catcher necklace. I made it in fine silver using the same techniques as for my Kashgar ring, and with LOTS of effort and help from my husband managed to set this irregular cluster of amethyst crystal tips, as dark as the darkest violets in a springtime forest.

So, here are the facts:
Material? fine silver, amethysts, liver of sulphur patina
Inspiration? architecture in Kashgar, China
How long did it take? About 3 months (note that I can only work at the bench a stolen night here and there)
For who? Myself this time!

It is 00.30 so I better go to sleep. Outside the darkness is like black velvet and the poodles are howling at possums jumping on the roof like drunken ghosts.
Good night!

7 thoughts on “Fresh off the bench: amethyst cluster dream catcher necklace

  1. Lovely necklace, is it pure silver? Did you use the stenciling clay technic? Is it fair trade amethyst?

    1. Hi Sara, yes it is pure fine silver, higher silver than sterling. Yes, I used the stencilling technique like for the Kashgar ring. Definitely fair trade amethyst, this is one of the stones you really have to be careful with, particularly the dark ones like this one. Thank you so much for your interest in my work!! xx

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