Healthy chocolate fix

chocballsI just made these healthy cousins to traditional Swedish chocolate balls and I am really happy with the result. They instantly satisfy that enormous chocolate craving that I experience every night, but unlike their lard-laden relatives, they contain no butter and no added sugar.

1.5 cups of oats
3 tablespoons of protein powder, any will work, chocolate or vanilla flavor
3/4 cups of chopped pitted dates, roughly chopped
2 tablespoons of cacao
4 squares Lindt chocolate, the really dark 85 % one (OK, this contains a little bit of butter, but all in all, not much!!)
1 tablespoon strong coffee
2-4 tablespoons water or milk (this depends on the type of protein powder you use, start with one tbsp and add water til you get a nice consistency)

Mix all ingredients except water/milk, preferably in a food processor but can also be done by hand; in that case, cut up the dates into really small pieces first. Add water or milk last. Roll into balls. If you like, you can roll the balls in coconut as well, but I didn’t this time.

Decadent and healthy at the same time!!