Jenny Ekberg




I make jewellery using metal clay, fold-forming in copper, mokume gane (woodgrain) designs, traditional Japanese alloys like shakudo and shibuichi, and real, from scratch, home-made Japanese patinas. My greatest sources of inspiration is my late Grandma, textile artist Sonja Hahn-Ekberg.

3 thoughts on “Jenny Ekberg

  1. Jenny, I am so glad that you visited my blog, cause it means that I found yours!! 🙂 I have so enjoyed looking through your site…clicking thru to your Etsy store…goodness…You make such beautiful stuff!! Very cool. I look forward to seeing more…

  2. Thank you Sarita Sarita! The pod is from a sterling silver/shakudo (old Japanese metal) bimetal sheet. I hammered it into shape (fold-forming), then patinated it to make the shakudo side deep purple. I then filled it with pearls and beads on a wire; some of the beads I made from home-made metal clay (Japanese metal alloys; shakudo, shibuichi, sterling silver). This particular pod is commissioned. Jenny

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