Photo by the talented Myan Soffia

I live in Brisbane, Australia. Near the gold cost and sunshine coast, amazing beaches left, right and center (we even have an artificial nice little beach in town!). But there is something special about southern California.

Once I drove from LA to San Diego and it is the light, the light between those rolling grass hills and over the ocean, towards the horizon. I have never seen that kind of light anywhere else. The place is sucking you in, it is not just Hollywood glamour, it is something ancient. Driving along Mulholland drive at sunset. The bohemian eternal summer down in Santa Monica. The wind in the palm trees of Huntington Beach.

I didn’t like LA, but yet I got Californicated.

New arrivals!

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Deluxe woven chain bracelets, cute one-of-a-kind Swedish cottages (I make one every time I’m homesick), geometric matte gold necklaces, fingerprint jewellery and – my favourite – very special mokume gane pieces.

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My obsession with Mokume Gane

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Mokume gane is an old Japanese technique for creating mixed-metal woodgrain patterns. Thanks to Hadar Jacobson, I have learned to make such patterns from metal clay. I just had to try making my own metal clays of traditional Japanese alloys to incorporate in this work and have now successfully made both shibuichi and shakudo clays by mixing commercially available clays in gold, silver and copper. I am really happy with the result, but it took forever to get it right… I can’t really afford metal clays at the moment so this technique will be an occasional treat to myself.

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Woven Chain Bracelet Deluxe

The most AMAZING graduated hand dyed silk cord in the rich, jewel-inspired hues that we will see more and more of in the later half of 2012 and in 2103, arrived today. I couldn’t resist combining it with my best chunky golden brass curb chain to make this bracelet. Available now in our shop!

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Fall 2012 palette from

Woven Chain Bracelets

My latest addiction: woven chain bracelets (and necklaces). I use lots of different threads/cord and matte, shiny, delicate & chunky chain to make these super trendy accessories.

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A Peacock in a Robin’s Nest

Sometimes you come across a blog that makes you smile and cry, and you love it. Rarely, you stumble upon one that also, like minutely dusted dark chocolate powder on a double-shot cappuccino, contains fashion which resonates perfectly with your own style and taste. Today I did:

My Matte Gold Geometric Necklace has found a home…


… in the city of Churches! I will ship it to a gal down in Adelaide today…

I LOOOOVE the modern take on art deco that is so huge now, and I particularly love matte gold. I made this necklace made from a vintage raw brass art deco finding and a sleek matte gold chain.